Accelerated Flight Training

By taking an accelerated flight training course at Aspen Flying Club, pilots are provided all the flight training resources needed to help the student save both time and money. Choosing to do an accelerated course is the best way to maximize a pilot’s overall efficiency during their flight training.

Please allow  us one month to  effectively plan your customized Accelerated Program so we can ensure your success. 

As excited as we are to have you training with us, PLEASE do not make any travel arrangements until we confirm your training date.

Each individual who decides to undertake an accelerated flight training course will work with one of Aspen Flying Club’s professional and dedicated full-time flight instructors. Accelerated training requires flying twice per day and studying the subject matter each evening. Being fully immersed in both flying and ground studies for a shorter period of time will increase the effectiveness of learning. At Aspen Flying Club, accelerated students finish their training in approximately 20% fewer hours than the traditional training program.

Please contact us at 303-799-6794 to discuss Accelerated Programs.


Aspen Flying Club can take a student from zero experience to Private Pilot in as little as 40 days, assuming the student arrives at Aspen Flying Club having already passed their written exam. Flying with an instructor twice per day, and studying coursework each evening, rapid progress can be made through the Private Pilot course.

Aspen’s Private Pilot package is 55 hours of aircraft and instructor time. The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight experience prior to taking the flight test. It is rare for a candidate to present a for flight test in the minimum time. The average on an accelerated course is 50 hours. A flight test usually takes 1.5 hours. After completing the course, pilots are encouraged to use the remaining paid aircraft rental hours to build experience and solidify their flying skills.

Package Price $11,995

Includes: 55 hours in a single engine airplane, Cessna 172 or similar, 55 hours of instructor time.
Supplies, checkride fees, and aircraft rental for checkride are extra
40 days
Extra training incurs additional cost at current rates.

 * Assumes FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test passed prior to arrival

Aspen’s accelerated instrument pilot program is geared for the busy pilot who wants to achieve their rating in a few short days, not over the course of several months. Typically it takes 10-15 days of flying for a proficient pilot who has passed the FAA instrument pilot knowledge exam prior to starting. Aspen is committed to accommodating the candidate’s schedule. It’s possible to start each day at 5:00 AM or 12:00 PM, whichever fits a candidate’s schedule for that day. Instrument training success is due to the quality of Aspen’s Instrument Flight Instructors and the dedication of the student. Aspen Flying Club’s instructors are highly experienced IFR veterans. Each candidate is interviewed prior to training to customize the course to their needs and be assigned an instructor that is totally dedicated to the student and their schedule.

Package Prices $8995 for Analog, $9895 for G1000.

Includes: 35 hours of flight time, 10 hours of FMX Full motion simulator time, 85 hours of instructor time. Supplies, checkride fees, and aircraft rental for checkride are extra 15 days Extra training incurs additional cost at current rates

* Assumes FAA Instrument Rating Knowledge Test passed prior to arrival

Obtaining a commercial pilot certificate is essential for those planning a career in aviation. For pilots that plan to purchase their own aircraft, a Commercial Pilot certificate is recommended as it lowers insurance rates. Choose from a complex Piper Arrow or a TAA Cessna 172 G1000 for commercial training. The FAA requires 10 hours in either a Complex or Technically Advanced Aircraft (or TAA) prior to taking the test. Working with a dedicated instructor, a commercial certificate usually takes 5 days.

Package Price $2995.
Includes: 10 hours in a single engine complex airplane, 15 hours of instructor time.
Supplies, checkride fees, and aircraft rental for checkride are extra.
5-7 days
Extra training incurs additional cost at current rates.
Payment: 50% of payment is due upon reservation with the balance due upon 50% of the course completion. The Flight Examiner’s fee is due upon the commencement of the checkride. 

* Assumes FAA Commercial Pilot Knowledge Test passed prior to arrival.

Add the coveted Multi-Engine rating to your existing pilot certificate in as little as five days! A Multi-Engine rating provides the opportunity to fly faster and more complex aircraft, along with a better understanding of airplane aerodynamics. Aspen Flying Club’s Accelerated Multi-Engine Training Program is an exciting, 5-day course that not only equips pilots to safely and effectively captain a Multi-Engine aircraft; it gives them a chance to experience the thrill of flying in the Rocky Mountains, the challenge of high-altitude operations, and the chance to tour and experience Colorado culture. Choose from the sleek new Tecnam P2006T or the Diamond DA42 Twinstar, along with our full motion Redbird FMX flight simulator, to create a more in-depth training environment at a lower cost. Our 5-day course goes beyond the FAA requirements to give you the most comprehensive and fun Multi-Engine program in the country! 
Why choose Aspen Flying Club for your accelerated multi-engine rating?
Gain mountain flying proficiency over some of the most beautiful mountain terrain in the Western United States while earning your Multi-Engine rating.
  • Train like a professional in our full motion Redbird FMX flight simulator (3 hours) and well-maintained Tecnam P2006T or Diamond DA42 Twinstar (7 hours).
  • Train with a friendly, energetic, professional flight instructor.
  • Onsite maintenance staff are available, should the airplane need attention.
  • While structured, our Accelerated Multi-Engine Course is geared to the individual. Our highly qualified instructors take the time to get to know you as an individual, assess your skills, and help you gain the knowledge and proficiency to succeed in your multi-engine flying.
  • Optional lunch stops and sightseeing include Leadville (the highest airport in North America), Colorado Springs, Eagle/Vail, Steamboat Springs and Fort Collins.
  • While training for your multi-engine rating, don’t forget to experience all that the Denver metro area has to offer: hiking and biking trails, visit some of the more than 300 local craft beer brewers, great sporting events, and some of the best weather in the Rocky Mountain Region.
Accelerated Multi-Engine Syllabus
Day 1
7.5 hrs Instructor, 1.5 hrs Airplane
Pre-flight operations, systems operations, airport traffic pattern and practice area familiarization, basic flight maneuvers.
Day 2
4.5 hrs Instructor, 1 hr Simulator, 1.5 hrs Airplane
Flight simulator procedures practice, single-engine and emergency operations, emergency descents, performance takeoffs/landings.
Day 3
6 hrs Instructor, 1 hr Simulator, 2 hrs Airplane
Flight simulator abnormal procedures practice, systems review, maximum performance operations, single-engine operations, VMC demo.
Day 4
6 hrs Instructor, 2 hrs Airplane
Final stage check – review systems, operations, normal and emergency procedures. VMC demo, review of normal and emergency maneuvers. Paperwork completion.
Day 5
Check ride
Course includes: 7 hours in either the Tecnam P2006T or Diamond DA42 Twinstar, 2 hours in a Full Motion Redbird Simulator, and 24 hours of instructor time. 
Total cost: $3,781.
Dates Available:     Please contact us for scheduling. 30 days advance notice is required.
Time Required:       5 days including your checkride.
Location:                Centennial Airport KAPA
                                Also available: Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport KBJC – call us for details.        
Aircraft Used:        Garmin G1000-equipped Tecnam P2006T or Garmin G1000-equipped Diamond DA42 Twinstar
Cost:                       $3,781 plus the examiner’s fee and tax. Although our price is subject to change, once booked, we will hold the price as agreed.
Course Includes:     7 hours of flight time, 2 hours of full motion simulator time and 24 hours instructor time. 
Course Materials:    POH, charts, etc. are available at additional cost.
  • Pilot must have a current FAA medical
  • Pilot must provide proof of citizenship (Passport or Birth Certificate) or TSA approval
  • Pilot must already be a single engine private pilot
  • Pilot should be current (Not required, however additional hours may be required if the pilot is not current)
  • Pilot should have knowledge of G1000 avionics (Not required, however additional hours may be required if the pilot is not G1000 proficient)
Additional hours will be billed at the normal price of the aircraft and $75 per hour for instructor time.
Payment: 50% of payment is due upon reservation with the balance due upon 50% of the course completion. The Flight Examiner’s fee is due upon the commencement of the checkride.