Cessna 182 – N151CT – $171/wet

Cessna 182 – N151CT – $171/wet

N151CT is a high performance 280hp C-182R with some awesome avionics.

*** Please note: This is a modified C-182 with a larger engine, and requires a special 3-hour checkout and separate checkout quiz. ***

Come fly the Super Skylane N151CT, a 1984 Cessna 182R with a 280 horse power engine! This aircraft features the latest technology with the Garmin GTN650 touchscreen GPS, Stratus II, and iPad with Fore Flight. The GTN650 is WAAS certified for Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance, taking you down to decision heights of 200 feet above the runway. The GTN650 multi-function touchscreen offers built-in Nav/Com, Graphical flight planning, Safe Taxi® and a high resolution display. Loading approaches and flight planning are now possible within a couple of touches of the screen. The GTN650 is backed up by a King 155A Nav/Com receiver with VOR/LOC/Glide slope. The aircraft is also equipped with DME and NDB receivers and if all else fails, a Standby Vacuum System. The Stratus receiver is paired with an iPad Mini that is mounted in the cockpit so that you can get the most out of this technology. The iPad Mini has Fore Flight app installed so you can receive weather and traffic information via the Status receiver on the map page. The Fore Flight app has limitless capabilities to include Synthetic Vision, current VFR/ IFR charts, instrument procedures, AF/D databases, METARS, TAFs, in-flight satellite imagery, NEXRAD radar and much more. The audio panel is the latest PMA450 PS Engineering audio panel with Bluetooth technology. With your Bluetooth device you can wirelessly make a call or stream music over your headset, great for those long cross country flights. The audio panel also incorporates a USB Charging System. The useful load is 1252 pounds. This aircraft is the ultimate IFR cross country and mountain flying machine!  N151CT is the complete package at a great rate.


GPS Garmin GTN 650 GPS Touch screen (WAAS Certified)
Avionics · Auto pilot
· PMA 450
· Bluetooth Capable
· USB charging system
· ATC Play back button
· Active Com frequency swap button
· Four place intercom
· Music jack for rear passenger
· KX155A
· Com/Nav
· Glide Slope
Horsepower 280
Year 1984
Rate $171/wet
Max. takeoff weight 3110 lbs
Fuel Capacity 88 gal
Useful Load 1252 lbs • view weight & balance
Cruise Speed
Est. Range
Service Ceiling
Full fuel payload: 724lbs


    • Fuel flow
    • EGT/CHT all cylinders
    • Carburetor temperature
    • Outside air temperature