Chris Dillis – Flight Instructor, Sport

Chris Dillis – Flight Instructor, Sport


Certificates: Commercial Pilot: Single & Multi-Engine Land; Instrument Airplane
Education: United States Air Force Academy, Bachelor of Science in Geography; George Mason University, Master’s of Science Degree in Information Systems
Flight Instructor: Certified Flight Instructor – Sport

Chris is a co-owner of Aspen Flying Club. He can be found most weekdays in “the front office” running the day-to-day operations of the business, but takes every opportunity he can to fly.

Though it’s sometimes difficult to remember life before Aspen, Chris wasn’t always in the aviation industry. He graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1992, and spent 5 years on active duty and several years in the Air Force Reserve as an Intelligence Officer. From there he earned a Master’s of Science Degree in Information Systems and spent almost 10 years in the IT industry. In 2006 he left the IT world behind and jumped head first into aviation by starting Skyraider Aviation Inc, a small but world-renowned Light Sport Aircraft business. In January 2012 Chris rolled Skyraider Aviation into Aspen Flying Club, bringing Sport Pilot/Light Sport Aircraft to the largest and oldest flying club in Colorado.

Chris took his first flight lesson in January 2001 at Centennial Airport. He is now a Certified Flight Instructor, Sport with over 1,500 hours of total flight time. As a CFI-S, Chris can only instruct in Light Sport Aircraft, but he’s checked out to fly nearly everything in the extensive Aspen Flying Club fleet. While generally too busy running the club to take on brand new students, Chris still manages to get a couple hundred hours of flight time each year, and is always eager to do aircraft check-outs, student phase checks, or an occasional flight lesson.