Cessna 182RG – N143LW – $169-$149*/wet

Cessna 182RG – N143LW – $169-$149*/wet

N143LW is undoubtedly the finest Cessna RG around.

This highly equipped Cessna 182RG is made available with a 2 tier pricing structure. While many flight schools use a Cessna 172RG for training; we felt that a 172RG was too underpowered for this altitude and increased the risk to our members in the training environment. Therefore, we added this 182RG and priced it the same as a 172RG for training, with a higher price for rentals other than training. If you are working on your commercial or CFI rating, you can rent this aircraft at just $145 per hour for the first 10 hours. Rental for other flight is just $169 per hour, which is an incredible rate for an aircraft of this quality. This 182RG comes equipped with a full Garmin package including a WAAS 750 Garmin moving map GPS. Additionally, it has a Garmin GTX 33 mode S transponder with TIS Traffic. Add the dual Glass panel Aspen Evolution 2000 package with synthetic vision, coupled to the STEC 30 auto pilot with altitude hold and Nav tracking, and you have a great IFR platform for training and trips.

Airplane Specifications

  • Garmin GTN750 Color GPS/COMM/MFD, WAAS
  • Glass panel Aspen Evolution 2000 package with Synthetic Vision: Aspen EFD 1000 Pilot Pro PFD and Aspen MFD 1000
  • Garmin GTX 33 Mode S transponder (TIS)
  • PS Engineering PMA8000BT intercom/audio control system
  • STEC 30 Auto Pilot with ALT Hold, Nav/GPS WAAS Track
  • Ameriking AK451 ELT 406MH
  • All glass panel backed by full analog (steam gauge) instruments
Horsepower 235
Year 1979
Rate $169/149*wet
Max. takeoff weight 3100lbs
Fuel Capacity 88gal
Useful Load 1245lbs • view weight & balance
Cost per mile (cruise x rate) $1.13/NM
Cruise Speed 135 KTAS (75% Power at 10,000 ft)
Est. Range 1000nm
Service Ceiling 18,000ft
Full fuel payload: 717lbs

Additional Notes


  • Avco Lycoming
  • 235 rated BHP at 2400 RPM
  • Engine Type: Normally-aspirated, direct-drive, air cooled, horizontally-opposed, carburetor equipped, six-cylinder engine with 541.5 cu. In. Displacement.