Diamond DA20 – N380GF – $109/wet

Diamond DA20 – N380GF – $109/wet

Sporty, sleek and exciting – yet surprisingly affordable, the DA20 offers outstanding performance and impressive economy.

With a sea-level climb rate of 1,000 fpm, a cruise of 138 kts while sipping only 5.5 gph, and a take-off distance of only 1,600 feet over a 50 foot obstacle, the DA20’s performance outshines the competition. Spin certified with a slow 44 knot stall speed, the DA20 is not only sporty, but stable.

Airplane Specifications

GPS Garmin 430
Horsepower 125
Year 2006
Rate $109/wet
Max. takeoff weight 1764lbs
Fuel Capacity 24gal
Useful Load 541lbs • view weight & balance
Cost per mile (cruise x rate) $0.80/NM
Cruise Speed 123KTAS 65% @ 10,000ft
Est. Range 500nm
Service Ceiling 13,100 ft
Full fuel payload: 397lbs

Additional Notes

  • Normal and Emergency Checklists
  • Engine: TCM IO-240-B3B
  • Takeoff distance, ground roll: 1,280 ft
  • Takeoff distance, 50-foot obstacle: 1,280 ft
  • Landing distance, ground roll: 661 ft
  • Landing distance, 50-foot obstacle: 1,360 ft
  • Rate of climb, sea level: 1,000 ft/min

Limiting and Recommended Airspeeds

  • Vx (best angle of climb) | 57kias
  • Vy (best rate of climb) | 65kias
  • Va (design maneuvering) | 104kias
  • Vfe (max flap extended) | 81kias
  • Vno (max structural cruising) | 118kias
  • Vne (never exceed) | 161kias
  • Vs (stall, clean) | 41kias
  • Vs0 (stall, in landing configuration) | 37kias