N5977V – Piper Warrior – $109/wet

N5977V – Piper Warrior – $109/wet

The PA-28 is a low-cost airplane offering safe flight characteristics and good performance. N5977V was recently upgraded with new interior and the addition of a WAAS-capable Garmin 530.  Warriors are primarily distinguished from their Cherokee predecessors by their double-tapered wing planform and two-foot-wider wingspans. The stabilator, sometimes described as a flying tail, is one of the Warrior’s distinguishing features. The entire horizontal tail pivots as one to act as the elevator. While it gives pilots a lot of pitch control, the stabilator is primarily used because it is considered more economical to build than a conventional stabilizer/elevator.

Airplane Specifications

GPS  Garmin 530 WAAS
  •  KMA 20 TSO Audio Panel
  • Bendix/King 155 TSO Nav/Com
  • King KT 28A Transponder
  • 4-place intercom
Horsepower  180 HP
Year 1977
Rate $109/wet
Max. takeoff weight lbs
Fuel Capacity gal
Useful Load lbs
Cruise Speed 115 KTAS 65% power @ 8000 ft
Est. Range nm
Service Ceiling 11,000 ft
Full fuel payload: lbs


  • Normal Checklist
  • Emergency Checklist
  • Weight and Balance