Cessna 172N – N733TC – $103/wet

Cessna 172N – N733TC – $103/wet

N733TC is an attractive 1977 C-172N with 2 seats, fresh paint and interior and a well appointed panel. 

Additionally, it has an autopilot, 160hp engine, a Garmin 430 GPS, and a Garmin 796 with XM weather/radio.  It is one of our favored basic flight trainers that also serves well as a trip aircraft due to the on board weather and XM radio.

N733TC has a new owner as of Jan 1, 2019.  This owner has elected to pay sales tax in advance so we can stop charging customers tax.   In the past, you paid 99 dollars plus 4.25% tax resulting in an hourly charge of 103.21 per hour.

The new rate of this aircraft is 103 per hour without an added sales tax.

The result is a slight decrease in the cost of this aircraft to you, the customer.  If you need further explanation, please see Dispatch.

Airplane Specifications

  • Garmin 430
  • Garmin 796 GPS with XM weather and entertainment
  • Garmin 430 GPS
  • Garmin 796 GPS with XM weather and entertainment
  • Navomatic 300A Autopilot
  • PS Engineering PM1000 4-place intercom
Horsepower  160
Year  1977
Rate $103/wet
Max. takeoff weight 2300 lbs
Fuel Capacity 43 gal
Useful Load 866.2 lbs
Cruise Speed 114 ktas 65% power @ 8000 ft
Est. Range 440 nm
Service Ceiling 14,200 ft
Full fuel payload: 608.2 lbs