Rob Lawton – Flight Instructor

Rob Lawton – Flight Instructor


Pilot Certificates: Airline Transport Pilot: Airplane Multi-Engine Land & Helicopter; Commercial: Airplane Single-Engine Land; CRJ-200, Boeing 737, Bell 407 and S-70/UH60 Type Ratings; CFI/CFII/MEI/AGI

Education: Boston University – B.S.B.A. (1991); Currently enrolled in Masters of Aeronautical Science Degree program- Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Flight Instructor: Airplane Single Engine Land, specializing in: Mountain Flying Ground School & Checkouts, Add-on Certificates, Flight Reviews, Aircraft Checkouts, Complex & Hi-Performance Endorsements, Discovery Flights, and Commercial Ratings.

Rob learned to fly in the Navy in the T-34C Mentor and later went on to fly SH-60 Seahawk helicopters. Since leaving active duty Navy, he joined the Colorado Army National Guard where he currently flies the UH-60 Blackhawk. Rob later worked as a regional airline First Officer and Captain in the Canadair Regional Jet, and also spent some time as an Aviation Safety Inspector (GA Operations) with the FAA at the Denver FSDO. He currently flies the Bell 407 as an EMS Helicopter Pilot. With more than 5,300 hours of airplane and helicopter flight time, Rob enjoys teaching all levels of students about the joy of flying.

Rob is a part-time instructor and is available most days on a bi-weekly basis, and can accommodate 1-2 students at a time. After serving as a military pilot nearly 22 years, Rob is also happy to provide guidance for those seeking a military flight school appointment or military pilots seeking to convert their military ratings to civilian equivalent or add-on ratings. For Rob, “flying is a passion and inspires him every day.” For a safe, interesting, and fun flying experience, just schedule him for a flight.