Steve Green – Flight Instructor

Steve Green – Flight Instructor

PrintCertificates: ATP, Multi-engine land; Citation type rating, Commercial; Single-engine Land & Sea

Flight Instructor: Airplane, Single & Multi-engine Land; Instrument; Tailwheel

Steve started flying after a ride in a Taylorcraft, followed by a Discovery Flight at Aspen Flying Club, in February of 1987. Steve still flies for the pure enjoyment of being in the air, but thinks part of that fun is in teaching others to fly.

Flying has opened a whole new world, including a wide variety of experiences such as barnstorming in open cockpit biplanes, a pair of Wacos, flying across the U.S, Canada and Mexico as a pilot in a corporate jet, and acting as the airport operations safety officer for a series of air shows. He still likes to give rides in the Citabria whenever he can and flies Citations on a contract basis. Great friendships, unique places and unimagined grand adventures have all come about through aviation.

A firefighter since 1979, scuba instructor since 2013 and a mostly part-time, sometimes full-time flight instructor with Aspen Flying Club since 1993.